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August 22, 2014 | Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Fulfillment/Shipping, Merchandising | Jim Agger

Driving Consumers to DTC Wine Sales

The direct-to-consumer online wine stores popping up all around the Internet are doing well, but every business operator wants to increase traffic. An article in the Winestars blog showed some tips on what wine merchants can do to help attract customers looking for great deals and vintages to their websites and retaining them as clients.

Offer what the consumers want
It's not unusual that the initial glimpse of a wine store's website is the first time a consumer has heard of the brand. By checking the website data, merchants can determine what different varietals customers are searching for and buying. Placing these products prominently on the website is a first step to customer satisfaction and ease of shopping. Knowing the demographics of the buyers and keeping website content current and vibrant is a great way to build loyalty as is the use of special social media offers, the article said.

Maintain contact with the customers
Gaining customer loyalty always requires the personal touch and staying in contact with the buyer after the first sale will almost always lead to the extremely important subsequent sales. Making sure the customer is thanked after the first sale is a great public relations move that will surely pay off with a happy returning client.

Using available technology
With the success of the tasting room as a wine marketing tool, many shoppers are wowed by the technology used in a wine making operation and that includes all the mobile applications that handle items like the point of sale. Mobile POS solutions eliminate long check-out lines, allow for better presentation of the product by delivering to their table and it can also increase sales. The mobile POS offering stimulates customer satisfaction and prompts return business.

A Wines and Vines article explained how keeping track of consumer sales data can help predict buyer behavior and assist a merchant in retaining their customers. Offering VIP programs to some select buyers is a big way of garnering brand loyalty, and having the purchaser's data can assist in creating a personalized approach to each client in the data base. Phone calls, emails and other types of correspondence go a long way toward showing a client that his or her interests matter to the provider. Solicit buyer input, as well. Feeling they contribute to policy-making about their product interests enhances consumer satisfaction levels and leads to high retention.


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