Jim Agger
August 27, 2014 | Jim Agger

Direct Online Wine Sales Go High Tech

With the recent boom in online wine sales, some savvy wine merchants in California's North Bay region are looking at other industries' ecommerce models to expand shipping and sales for their industry. A recent North Bay Business Journal indicated that wineries in the area continue to show solid growth with one winery claiming 15 percent growth of their online sales every month just in the past year.

Streamlining software
Wine operations employing industry-designed shipping software packages, according to the Journal,have seen growth of up to 40 percent during the past two years as companies embrace successful marketing and shipping strategies from other industries. As consumers move to mobile applications for their shopping and purchasing, wineries are slowly but surely making the change, as well. A Wines and Vines article explained that in 2013, more wineries began to shift to mobile platforms as a way to drive traffic and increase sales.

Growth is expanding and palpable
According to the Wines and Vines story, deploying shipping software in the wine industry has doubled sales for growers and shippers throughout the California and West Coast regions. Now, with several more states either approving online wine sales and direct-to-consumer shipping keeping the platforms updated and ensuring a smooth supply chain operation is vital to the success of the wine business going forward.

Wine clubs benefit, too
Not only can existing, successful wineries use the shipping software platform, new wine clubs and online wine stores can benefit from its use right out of the gate. One such enterprise, noted Digital Journal, is slated to begin shipping to customers in about a month. The company plans on relying on a software platform that will enable them to ship quickly and efficiently so its customers will experience no long waits for their favorite product. John Dragonette is a wine maker who is whole-heartedly embracing DTC marketing.

"Direct-to-consumer marketing could well be the wave of the future for the wine industry," said Dragonette to Digital Journal. "While our wines are highly successful in our area, our reach is predominately regional. [This option] expands our demographic to the majority of the continental United States!"

A number of states now allowing online wine shipping and sales will be actively involved on January 1, 2015. Wine operations are going to have come into software compliance soon if they want to establish themselves as strong players in the online wine industry.


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