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November 18, 2015 | Customer Relationship Management (CRM) | Jim Agger

Customers expect the personal touch

With advancements in technology and an impressive amount of data available to businesses, customers expect personalization in both their online and offline shopping experiences. Research from Accenture underscores this fact, revealing shoppers want more personalized retail experiences, with 60 percent stating they desire real-time promotions and offers.

Considering these facts, here are four ways wineries can create more personalized shopping experiences:

1. Leverage POS data
Cloud-based POS systems store valuable data wineries can use in their tasting rooms to create personalized experiences for customers. With the help of this data, wineries can do the following:

  • Offer tailored deals to shoppers based on their taste preferences and previous purchases.
  • More seamlessly run loyalty programs.
  • Access contact information to follow-up with customers personally.
  • Segment email campaigns that direct consumers back into the tasting room or to the online wine store.

2. Conduct surveys
As our white paper "Creating a Great Customer Experience" pointed out, surveys are a valuable tool to measure the gap between customer expectations and actual customer experiences. Beyond that, surveys help wineries create more more personalization in the shopping experiences. A well-crafted survey that is targeted to the right people using email segmentation can provide insights into:

  • Customer taste preferences.
  • Occasions for purchasing wine.
  • Customer budgets.
  • Customer interest in new products, services or feature.
  • Insight into wine tasting experiences.
  • Overall customer satisfaction.

Using survey data, wineries can optimize every aspect of business and more effectively personalize the shopping experience.

3. Hire knowledgeable associates
Informed associates in the tasting room are essential to personalization. According to a recent TimeTrade survey, 90 percent of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when helped by a knowledgeable employee. These employees can play an active role in personalizing the shopping experiences by knowing shoppers' names and preferences, taking the time to help them select wines and sharing interesting insight and expertise about the products.

4. Show customer appreciation
Above all, customer appreciation is at the core of personalization. Wine drinkers are fascinated with every aspect of the wine business, from how the product is made to the history of the winery and the knowledge of the people working there. That being said, wine drinkers want to feel recognized by wineries. Taking the extra step to send a thank you email or a surprise gift to a loyal customer can go a long way toward driving both personalization and loyalty.


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