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July 31, 2012 | Email Marketing | WineDirect Admin

Customer Fatigue – the Perils of Marketing Saturation

Sean Moffit pointed out in his fantastic talk ‘Spreading Digital Wildfires’ at the 2012 Wine Information Technology Symposium that in order to be ‘great’ in the social media business we should all be generating 400 tweets, 30 blog posts, 12 videos and 8 emails a month. Really?  I enjoyed your talk Sean but I have to disagree with you on this one. 

Can you imagine seeing 400 tweets a month from one person on your Twitter Feed? Even if it was your absolute favorite celebrity or the wittiest Tweeter in the universe; 400 tweets would drive you a bit crazy, wouldn’t it? But add to that the amount of blogs, videos and emails that Mr Moffit suggested we should be sending, now that would be just plain annoying.

The simple fact of the matter is too much contact can damage your relationship with your customers.

As with almost anything in this life it’s quality not quantity that counts.  You need to have a well thought out marketing strategy if you want to build a loyal customer base. Throwing content out there just for the sake of it will have a negative impact on your customers.

The way we communicate has changed with the meteoric rise of social media. However, what has remained the same, in the wine industry at least, is ‘story’ sells. If you are communicating with your customers make sure that you have a strong, compelling reason for doing so. An exciting, unique and perfectly timed marketing campaign will help you to create long-time fans and hopefully generate lots of sales as well!

So how much contact is just enough?  Below is my suggestion for contact with your customers over the next six months. If your message is unique, interesting and not repetitious this is a recipe for success!


So start carefully planning your marketing strategy now and maximize your sales as we move into the busy end of year! Best of luck!


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