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April 22, 2016 | Marketing | Sheri Hebbeln

Create compelling calls-to-action

An effective call-to-action directs consumers to become engaged with your business. While these are often seen in the B2B sector, direct-to-consumer wine sellers can use them to encourage sales and promote wine clubs. Below are four tips for creating a compelling call-to-action:

Inspire action through benefits
Choosing your words carefully can drastically increase conversion rates, Kissmetrics noted. The website cited an instance where a B2B company switched one word in its CTA. Marketers changed "Order information" to "Get information" and experienced a 38 percent increase in conversions. This occurred, Kissmetrics suggested, because the word "order" doesn't focus on the benefits consumers will get by clicking the button. "Get," on the other hand, refers to both an action and a result - viewers will literally receive something if they click the CTA.

A/B test
Kissmetrics' example shows even the smallest changes can have an amazing effect on conversions. However, it's difficult to determine if a proposed change will actually have the desired outcome. This is what makes the A/B test an online marketer's best tool. A/B testing takes two sample groups and provides them with two variations of the same element - in this case, your call-to-action. One group, for example, could see a CTA that says "Buy our wine!" while another is shown one that reads "Buy wine now!" The two statements are essentially similar, but only testing will reveal which one is more effective.

Suggest instant gratification
Online users prioritize speed and efficiency. Implying your call-to-action provides them with instant benefits is a great way to increase clicks and conversions. Use a CTA to summarize the perks wine enthusiasts will get by joining your wine club, and don't forget to emphasize how a quick sign up enrolls them as a member. If your goal is to promote sales, use your CTA to call attention to your fast order processing and wine shipping process.

"The best calls-to-actions are 150 characters or less."

Keep the message short but engaging
The best calls-to-action are 150 characters or less. A brief yet interesting message is more appealing than paragraphs of text. Size also extends to the look of the call-to-action itself. Your CTA button should be big enough to be noticeable upon a quick glance-through, but not so large it encompasses all other information on a webpage. Search Engine Journal cites additional tips for writing a good CTA. 

CTAs are a beneficial yet often overlooked aspect of a good marketing strategy. An effective call-to-action gets users more engaged with your brand and can ultimately increase conversions. 


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