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September 11, 2015 | Customer Relationship Management (CRM) | Sheri Hebbeln

Create an excellent customer service experience on Twitter

Social media is a rapidly evolving customer service medium that is changing expectations of customer service. In fact, Convince and Convert reported 42 percent of customers who attempt to contact a brand, product or company through social media for customer support expect a response within one hour.

Among all social media platforms, Twitter is becoming the go-to for customer inquiries. Wineries can improve the customer experience and increase online wine sales by having a solid customer service strategy in place. Twitter reported that according to Social Bakers, more than 80 percent of customer service requests happen on Twitter. Further, Twitter cited data from a McKinsey study that showed companies that improve their customer experience from average to "wow" can see a 30 to 50 percent improvement in key measures such as likelihood to renew, likelihood to recommend and likelihood to purchase more products.

Twitter customer service best practices
Wineries can leverage the power of Twitter for customer service by having a solid response plan in place. Here are a handful of best practices you should implement:

  • Create a separate account: If your winery is receiving multiple customer service requests per day on Twitter, the best approach is to create a dedicated customer service account. The designated Twitter handle can be noted in your winery's Twitter bio. This shows customers your winery is serious about customer care and makes it easier for customer service representatives to keep track of inquiries.
  • Respond in real time:  Twitter is an inherently real-time platform, so wineries should ensure customer service inquires on the platform are addressed within one hour. Wineries can improve their response times by having a dedicated Twitter customer service staff that is highly skilled with the platform.
  • Don't direct customers elsewhere:  If customers wanted to contact your winery through email or by phone, they would have taken that route in the first place. Don't respond to Twitter inquires by directing them to your customer service hotline. Instead, respond to them directly on Twitter and if need be, email or call them directly.
  • Have a personality:  Your customer service handle on Twitter should have as much personality as your regular brand handle. Treat customers the same way you would in the tasting room by being friendly and approachable.
  • Follow up:  Once a customer service inquiry is resolved, follow back up to make sure everything worked out. This creates an above average customer experience that is visible to anyone who follows your handle.
  • Take it off Twitter:  Some customer service inquires are more complex than others. The best way to handle these situations is to provide customers a direct phone line where they can reach a representative who is already fully informed of the issue immediately. Another option is to look up the customer in your database and call him or her directly.

Wineries can improve the customer experience and increase online wine sales by having a solid Twitter customer service strategy in place.


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