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September 30, 2015 | Email Marketing | Sheri Hebbeln

Crafting effective calls to action in marketing emails

Email marketing is an essential tool for every ecommerce business. According to Econsultancy's "Email Marketing Census 2014" report, 68 percent of companies rate email as "good" or "excellent" for ROI.

Wineries leverage email as a way to distribute surveys, drive wine club memberships, combat shopping cart abandonment and show customer appreciation. Emails help wineries establish closer relationships with visitors to their online wine store, however, without an effective call to action, marketing emails are all but ineffective. Here are five qualities of effective CTAs in email:

1. Action-oriented
It may seem like a no-brainer, but effective CTAs need to do exactly what their name indicates: inspire action. Keywords like "join," "buy," "participate," or "register" are effective at encouraging readers to complete the desired action.

2. Visible
CTA buttons included in marketing emails must be easy to see, using vibrant colors and texts. Econsultancy cited ASOS as an example of a retailer that used a CTA button effectively, noting the placement of the CTA against an uncluttered, white background.

3. Aligned
An effective CTA will be aligned with the information on the page to which it drives readers. If a winery sends a marketing email promoting reduced wine club membership for one week with immediate registration, the landing page that CTA drives to must have the same promotional information and overall viewing experience.

4. Optimized
According to eMarketer's "Omnichannel 2015 Trends" study, 22 percent of retail ecommerce sales in 2015 will come from mobile. This is important because for a CTA to be effective, it must drive customers to a landing page that is optimized for all devices. Today, there is no guarantee that recipients will be checking their emails on desktop computers or even a specific browser, so emails marketing efforts must be compatible with this reality.

5. Personal
Above all, CTAs must be relevant to the audience to which they are sent. HubSpot found personalized CTAs had a 42 percent higher conversion rate than CTAs that were the same for all visitors. An email about wine club membership is unlikely to drive conversions if sent to a customer who has only made one purchase in the past year. Instead, this type of email should be targeted toward high-frequency wine drinkers. With the right combination of data management and list segmentation, wineries can ensure their marketing emails are deployed to the right people.


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