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June 19, 2013 | Fulfillment/Shipping, General , WineDirect Products and Services | Laura Lockwood

Cool Tips to Warm Weather Shipping

Rev up your DTC sales by adding another level of customer care to your arsenal – Temperature Control Shipping.  It wasn’t long ago that many wineries would simply not ship in the heat of summer or the dead of winter.  Fortunately, the times and technology have changed and Mother Nature no longer impacts your bottom line.  You can make shipping easier and headache free with a few simple tips. 

Time in Transit
Whether we are speaking of January or July, take control of your wine.  Bi-coastal shipping, if available, is one solution to lessen time in transit.  A centrally located ship point can provide entre into markets and expand your client base into areas that were formally thought of as out of reach. Bi-coastal shipping also provides significant cost savings by curbing rates for 2-day, overnight and priority shipping.

Shipping Service Level
Lessen time in the carrier hub (weekends) by appropriately choosing a shipping service level.  Local delivery usually allows for ground transport.  However, if you are sending your wine several time zones away, consider priority next day shipping.  The wine is usually delivered before 10:30a.m.  This lessens time on the truck, plus the wine gets to the consumer faster.

Moderate Package Temperature
Utilize WineDirect’s CoolPack Shipper.  Our insulated packaging, paired with no sweat foam refrigerant, will ensure that two to three day transit shipments will not be exposed to excessive heat or temperature variance.  We recommend that you limit transit time to a maximum of 72 hours.  For bi-coastal shippers, most states can be reached in 2 days via Ground shipping.

You will likely spend more protecting your wine during peak temperatures.  If available, utilize bi-coastal shipping to cut down on your need for priority shipping.  You could also consider delaying shipping until cooler weather, but you may put sales at risk.

In Closing
There is not a single solution or best way to ship wine in the heat.  Using a combination of tools that are safe and cost effective during the summer will allow your customers to enjoy your wine all year long and this will help maximize your sales potential.  NOW that’s a win for everyone!


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