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December 12, 2014 | Email Marketing , Marketing | Joanne Grantz

Content marketing increases search engine optimization and brand awareness

Brand awareness is the measure of how much people know and recognize your name, logo and symbols, according to Demand Media.  When people see your name or logo, they identify you as a winery that makes wines that they enjoy or might want to purchase. 

When developing content marketing for your winery, your wine and the story of how it was created is what should be projected. It's very easy to simply list facts about your wines and where they're from, but what gets people interested is passion that is expressed about what you do.

There are several ways to reach more potential customers. The first is to create a blog for your winery. You can write stories about the winemaking process, discuss new developments and events at the winery or announce new vintages. Sending emails and newsletters to your contact list is a useful technique to raise awareness, as long as the messages are not sent too frequently.

Posting videos is a popular way to create interesting content for websites.  The consulting firm Invodo found more than half of Internet users became more confident in their purchasing decisions after watching a video. Similarly, image-based content that uses social media outlets like Instagram may improve brand awareness.

There are many ways to develop content, but that content needs to serve a purpose, as noted by marketing firm Suite Seven. Content should be useful and relevant to your customers and potential customers. The content demonstrates that you are expert your wine. Adding insights that people familiar with the wine business will recognize as expertise is important too.

Of course, even when providing useful information, there's more to making content that is specific to your brand. As HubSpot suggests, you want to have a consistent tone of voice with the written material you provide, as well as a similar look and feel when to images and video. Consistency helps build a brand.

Above all else, make the content interesting enough to be shared on Facebook or Twitter, since interactions in these social media outlets can help boost recognition. Appealing content is more likely shared. 


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