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November 30, 2015 | Wine Industry Trends | Joanne Grantz

Autumn News Round Up: Part 2

November might be coming to a close, but December has much more to bring in the wide world of wine. Whether you're getting ready for Black Friday or resting after a busy holiday weekend, there's plenty of news to get you ready and keep you informed as you look toward another busy holiday month:

Wine business news
If you own a winery, chances are tourism is a big part of your business. The Wine Tourism Conference announced it will head to Fredericksburg in Texas Hill Country in November 2016. As it turns out, Texas has a flourishing wine world that anyone working in the industry could benefit from learning about. If you're interested in participating, take a look at the conference site.

Winemakers working in the Napa, California, region are used to facing changes in regulations that affect their business. According to Wines & Vines, new regulations including restrictions on chlorpyrifos, changes to personal protection equipment requirements and directives egarding pesticides, among others, are underway.

As many winemakers already know, red wines are rising in popularity. As Steve Heimoff pointed out, red blends are "becoming the new Moscato." Heimoff explores various factors that could be responsible for this trend, including price point and novelty. Do you have any ideas as to why red blends are so popular today?

Any winery that operates an online wine store faces the challenge of fulfilling orders while still remaining profitable. As Multichannel Merchant pointed out, customers' expectations of the purchasing process - including shipping options - have changed dramatically. Check out what Multichannel Merchant has to say about five questions worth considering when trying to create profitable fulfillment strategies.

With holiday season underway (or already begun!), ecommerce business owners need to be ready to fulfill an increased number of orders. However, Multichannel Merchant shared data from shipping and fulfillment software company Temando, which revealed 68 percent of shippers are not prepared for holiday challenges

"With holiday season underway, ecommerce business owners need to be ready."

As shopper expectations change, more companies are investing in new technologies to make shipping and fulfillment more effective. For example, Retail Info Systems News reported Home Depot is working to enhance its ecommerce offering by leveraging new technology and opening a new fulfillment center that will allow the company to reach 90 percent of its consumers within two business days through parcel shipping.

Are you tracking the performance of your online wine store? PracticalEcommerce shared a helpful article that outlines key metrics ecommerce businesses should track including transactions, conversion rates, product revenue and per-session value.

Every winery faces the challenge of online shopping cart abandonment. However, when a customer walks away from a cart, it doesn't necessarily mean a lost sale. Regardless, any ecommerce business should have a solid strategy in place for addressing shopping cart abandonment, and ClickZ provided four helpful tips businesses should consider.

Creating a great customer experience is a top priority for all businesses. E-Commerce Times shared data from Gartner that revealed by 2018, more than 50 percent of businesses will implement important changes in order to improve the customer experience. Additionally, E-Commerce Times indicated that a great customer experience starts with sales.


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