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March 27, 2014 | Jim Agger

Are you offering the best wine shipping options?

Don't overlook the importance of wine shipping. Your fulfillment options can attract new customers, increase order size and build lasting loyalty. However, if you don't offer the right choices, customers may not buy from you at all, according to a 2013 holiday study from Pitney Bowes and reported in Multichannel Merchant.

In the past three years, consumers have paid an increasingly amount of attention to shipping when they buy products online. Cost played a major role in purchasing decisions. In fact, 77 percent of customers would take free or discounted deliveries over speedy shipping. Consumers are increasingly expecting free shipping or discounts, such as qualifying for a special offer if they reach a certain price threshold. The study found that fulfillment expenses mattered so much to shoppers than nearly half of the respondents said they had abandoned a shopping cart when confronted with high shipping fees at checkout. 

Among these consumers who admitted to scrapping a purchase at the last minute, the average shipping expense was $20. Depending on the size of the order winery customers could easily be required to pay more. You need to offer an innovative way to ship wine without running into exorbitant fees.

It isn't just based on cost and convenience. Customers want to have access to real-time package tracking to ensure that their deliveries will arrive on schedule. Pitney Bowes found that approximately one-third of customers check shipments once or twice before delivery. Thirty percent of shoppers reported monitoring the status of shipments six times between placing their order and receiving items. And it doesn't end with delivery. Many consumers reported making returns or exchanges for goods they purchased online, and they want this to be as easy as possible. 

Take a lesson from Amazon
Amazon Prime has been hailed as the premier shipping membership service. Introduced in 2005, Prime subscribers would pay an annual fee of $79 and have access to free, two-day shipping on thousands of goods. For the first time since its introduction, Amazon recently increased the fee to $99. Although Amazon introduced more services to Prime subscribers such as video streaming and eBook lending, the price never went up. Millions of customers subscribe to Amazon Prime and benefit from all the services it has to offer.

Whether your winery utilizes a subscription-based service or other shipping discounts, you need to ensure you are providing value to your customers when they buy wine online. Offering the same prices on your website that you would in your winery will encourage customer loyalty. It also may be helpful to show customers how much they are saving from their orders with a shipping subscription. 


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