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April 2, 2014 | Demand Generation , eCommerce , Site Design and Management | Sheri Hebbeln

Are you missing the chance to convert customers with your product pages?

Winery websites may be able to convert a higher number of prospects based on how persuasive their product pages are. Contrary to popular belief, it isn't your home page that influences the decision to buy - it's your landing pages and product listings, according to ClickZ. If you want to encourage more customers to buy wine online, you may need to make adjustments that will help you convert shoppers on these pages.

Common Web design knowledge dictates that the home page is the first part of your website visitors will see, and it warrants the highest creative investment. While organic search through Google means any part of your site can act as a landing page depending on the search terms shoppers use, many visitors won't spend a lot of time on the home page. They will only look for navigation links to find what they want as quickly as possible. For many ecommerce websites, shoppers want to reach product pages, the article said. It may not be worthwhile to excessively highlight seasonal promotions, new releases and your blog in this location.

Ecommerce landing pages
Compared to the importance of your wine shipping capabilities, inventory management protocols and point of sale system, website design may seem like an afterthought. Even your landing pages should be optimized to direct visitors to product pages and increase online wine sales. A conversion rate increase of a few percentage points can make a huge impact to revenue, a blog post from Wishpond stated. 

Because people are ultimately visiting your website to view your products, it can be beneficial to include images on your landing pages. Especially in a short landing page without a great deal of content, imagery will help to capture attention quickly. Less text can make it easier to get to the point of your call to action so customers are more likely to take the next step. Easy navigation to product pages or frequently asked questions can ensure potential customers stay on your page. If visitors arrive on your site through a search engine, they don't want to have to dig through each page of the website to find what they're looking for. When this information isn't immediately apparent, they could easily click the back button and return to the results page. 

Like nearly all wine marketing efforts, a call to action is essential to boosting conversions. In some cases, landing pages will be the first impression visitors receive from your website. It's up to you to direct them to the next step. Calls to action matter for product pages as well. 

What makes a successful product page?
Because this may be the last view of your product that customers get right before purchasing, it's important to avoid a cluttered look and feel, ClickZ said. Page structure could play a role here. Too much scrolling can be frustrating for shoppers. In fact, the majority of consumers are unlikely to ever see any product page content displayed below the fold. To increase conversions, you may want to include links to examples of products that other customers viewed or purchased, a technique Amazon has applied to great effect. This upsell can increase dollar amount and items per order. 

Some ecommerce websites include the top user reviews. Customers are placing more priority on the opinions of other shoppers to a greater extent than ever before. This can help establish trustworthiness. However, all of these approaches can benefit from testing to ensure conversion goals are being met. Design features that boost conversion are critical to the success of your online wine store


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