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April 30, 2014 | Email Marketing | Sheri Hebbeln

Are there huge gaps in your email marketing strategy?

Wine marketing strategies that include email are still highly effective. Even though there are a wide variety of digital channels available to businesses today, email continues to boast high open rates and click-thrus. Good campaigns can drive online wine sales. However, your email strategy needs to move into the future. Boring subject lines and messages that aren't optimized for mobile can really hold you back. 

A large number of wineries may not even have a formal email marketing strategy, but they are engaging in this tactic anyway. ClickZ pointed out some indicators that could suggest you don't have the right plan in place for your email efforts. If you struggle to identify different customer segments, can't track long-term engagement rates or campaign results and present an inconsistent brand image, it's time to change how you approach email.

Wine marketing efforts are most successful when they personalize the experience for recipients. Email blasts are a thing of the past. For example, your customer relationship management platform can help you split your database into different segments. Wine club members should be on a different list than first-time customers, and there may be further subdivisions within these groups. A lack of targeted communications can lead subscribers to have a fragmented picture of your brand, ClickZ said. All your online efforts should reflect the brand image you present inside your winery. Because of these issues, it can be more difficult to measure how subscribers are interacting with campaigns over time.

How to revamp your email strategy
If you have a solid email marketing strategy, you should be able to answer questions about your objectives, how the program will succeed and the desired results you want from each campaign. Knowing the answers to these concerns can help you optimize your email strategy. 

There are several reasons your email campaigns may be failing to deliver results. Poor headlines could be preventing recipients from ever opening your messages, according to ChamberOfCommerce.com. Subject lines can detract from the overall content of the message if they are boring, or if they are overly targeted on search engine optimization rankings and don't make much sense to readers. Headlines are the first impression subscribers receive from your emails, and they can be a determining factor in whether people open the messages or not. Many individuals find abstract subject lines frustrating.

In addition, mobile email shouldn't be overlooked. Scrolling through inboxes is one of the top activities people perform with their smartphones. Mobile technology allows individuals to be connected at all times. However, not offering an experience that's optimized for mobile can cause people to immediately delete messages without reading the content. It may even lead them to unsubscribe. Responsive Web design may be the key to preventing these issues because this form of coding adapts to the device of recipients. Responsive messages can help you offer a more consistent customer experience. 


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