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May 12, 2014 | Compliance, Wine Industry Trends , WineDirect Buzz , WineDirect Products and Services | Joe Waechter

Announcing WineDirect Compliance

When I joined WineDirect several years ago, I was immediately struck by the level of complexity our customers faced as a result of the many point solutions they had to deal with when selling wine direct-to-consumer. We had point-of-sale systems that didn’t talk to eCommerce, and eCommerce systems that didn’t talk to fulfillment. Re-keying data from one software solution to another was a way of life for many of our customers.

Fast forward to today. It’s no secret what we’ve been up to at WineDirect. Three years ago we implemented a strategy to provide a full suite of services to enable and drive DTC sales for our customers. Our vision is simple - to help you Sell More Wine. We’re passionate about that vision and our goal is to be the driving force of innovation for the industry. Today, your customers on the East Coast can receive an order of wine in two business days via ground service with our bi-coastal fulfillment model, and visitors to your tasting room will automatically receive an email thanking them for stopping by because of our Action Emails.

The pace of innovation at WineDirect has never been greater and today I am very happy to announce the launch of WineDirect Compliance. Having accomplished and even exceeded some of the ambitious goals we set for our DTC technology suite three years ago, we knew the time was now for WineDirect Compliance. I’m sure it comes as no surprise that our customers frequently ask us if (and when) we’re adding compliance to our suite of services. With the deep industry knowledge of our team, our in-house compliance expertise, the dedication of our technology team, and our outstanding customer relationships, we were able to bring the product to market in very short order. WineDirect Compliance is here.

It has been a great year, not just at WineDirect, but for the wine industry in general. The momentum is hard to ignore and I would personally like to thank our customers for your continued partnership. We’re working hard to make your life easier so that you can concentrate on what makes you happiest…making and selling wine. It’s an exciting time to be part of the wine industry.




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