Genevieve Verdier
November 4, 2015 | Genevieve Verdier

6 ways to increase conversions on product pages

If you're running an online wine store, chances are you struggle to get as many conversions as you'd like. According to Wordstream, average conversion rates for e-commerce sites are between 2 and 4 percent. Without the opportunity to influence sales in-person in the tasting room, wineries face challenges raising total conversions for online wine shoppers. Here are six ways wineries can increase conversion rates on product pages:

1. Include frequently asked questions
The key to getting customers to add a wine to their shopping carts is to make it as easy as possible to learn about varietals without leaving the product page. Including FAQs on product pages can have tremendous benefits.  Wineries can feature FAQs that focus on taste, smell, viscosity and other elements that would otherwise be experienced in the tasting room.

2. Incorporate live chat
Live chat functions make it easier for shoppers to ask questions about different varietals without having to ever leave the product. This, in effect, makes the path to purchase shorter and more efficient and also adds to the quality of the customer experience. Additionally, by giving customers easy access to customer service, they are more likely to trust your winery and make a purchase in the future.

3. Add product videos
Product videos are tremendously helpful for improving conversion rates on product pages. As we noted in our blog post, "How to increase online wine sales with product videos," LiveClicker's Video Commerce Report revealed sites featuring video on the majority of their product pages saw a 68 percent increase of average order value. Additionally, 88 percent of survey respondents saw increased conversions after adding video to product pages. Wineries can leverage product videos to describe the flavor profile of the wine and illustrate how different varietals will appear in a glass.

4. Feature customer reviews
Customer reviews are essential to online conversions. In fact, Kissmetrics wrote nearly 70 percent of online shoppers seek product reviews on e-commerce sites and forums before making a purchase. Product reviews are especially important to wineries because they allow shoppers to gather subjective information about different varietals before making a purchase decision.

5. Display important label information
Wineries should always ensure important label information is visible in product photos. Typically, wine drinkers like to touch, feel and examine a bottle of wine before making a purchase. The closer wineries can bring shoppers to an in-person experience, the more likely they are to drive sales.

6. Advertise shipping incentives
Today, online shoppers expect to receive either reduced or free shipping. In fact, our white paper "Shipping Incentives: How to Offer them without Breaking the Bank" pointed out that, according to UPS and comScore, 63 percent of online shoppers expect you to offer shipping included. Wineries can leverage this expectation to increase conversions by featuring shipping incentives directly on product pages.


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