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August 28, 2015 | Site Design and Management | Sheri Hebbeln

5 features of an optimized online shopping cart

In order to increase online wine sales, wineries should create an optimized online shopping cart. 

Creating an online wine store that delivers a positive shopping experience is largely dependent on site design. While many wineries focus on ensuring their sites are responsive and optimized throughout the customer journey, online retailers of all types are not focusing enough on optimizing the most important part of the experience: the shopping cart.

In order to increase online wine sales, wineries must keep in mind that according to a study conducted by marketlive The E-tailing Group, respondents cited easier checkout as the No. 1 factor that would lead to an increase in mobile purchases. Here are five features of an optimized online shopping cart:

1. Appealing colors
Believe it or not, colors play a significant role in how consumers perceive brands. A study conducted by Kissmetrics showed 85 percent of shoppers place color as a primary reason for why they buy a particular product. The study also explored the role color plays in site design, noting orange as a color that creates a strong call to action. Wineries should consider incorporating powerful colors into their "buy" and "checkout" buttons.

2. Options to continue shopping
Many businesses use the shopping cart as a place to upsell customers by encouraging them to add accessories or similar products. However, upselling customers will be less effective if customers can't seamlessly return to product pages. Creating an accessible pathway for customers to continue shopping is an important aspect of an optimized shopping cart.

3. Prominent checkout buttons
It may seem obvious, but it is important to make sure checkout buttons are easy to locate. Wineries should consider placing checkout buttons on the top and bottom of the shopping cart screen, preferably close to the "continue shopping" button.

4. Optional registration
Many ecommerce sites require customers to register before making a purchase. However, this tactic can lead to increased bounce rates and abandoned shopping carts. In fact, User Interface Engineering helped an ecommerce site increase sales by $300 million by removing the "create an account" field from the site's shopping cart. While there are many benefits to registration, wineries should ensure this field is optional to increase online wine sales.

5. Responsive design
Above all, it is essential that wineries employ responsive design in every area of their online wine store, especially the shopping cart. Using responsive design ensures your website will be compatible with all types of devices and browsers. It also ensures a positive user experience.


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