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July 10, 2014 | eCommerce , Email Marketing | Sheri Hebbeln

5 Ways to Avoid Being a Bad Email Marketer

So you're a wine seller running an effective ecommerce solution. Now you need to run a wine marketing campaign to build on your brand and keep customers loyal. An email campaign is often the most effective way of build loyalty and increase sales. However, there are many ways that this can go wrong. Emails are flexible but they can't be treated like fluff. Executed poorly, consumers will simply unsubscribe to your winery's promotional e-mails, which can bring the whole business down. Here are eight ways not to blow it and have people enjoy reading your emails: 

  • Send emails only once a day at most

People don't like to be distracted by every new email that comes through their inbox. It's worse when they see the same firm send a message twice or three times a day.Odds are, you don't even have something important to promote more than once a day. As Karol Król of MarketingProfs jokingly suggests, keep the emails to at most once a day. If you do it less than that, say only a few times per week, that's fine too. It's okay for customers to not hear from you every day.

  • Keep your subjects lines short and easy to read

The subject line is like a headline: It's meant to draw people's attention to whatever you want them to hear. Whether it is more effective ways to order wine online or speedy ecommerce fulfillment methods, you want them to know that. Simms Jenkins of ClickZ advises avoiding subject lines that are long and nonsensical. Lengthy subject lines might get their messages obscured, assuming it isn't already. Also, while Upworthy has made a business out of writing clickbait friendly headlines, those do not translate into mass email subject lines.

  • Avoid making the email personal

When being given a marketing email, the customer knows in advance that they are simply a consumer. While personal emails that intend to sell a person on something can be a useful tool, mass messages lack the same individual level of attention to be engaging. So avoid using a script that opens the email with "Hi, Customer's First Name/Last Name with a Title!"

  • Write content pieces that aren't just about the brand

As a wine merchant, you obviously have a vintage or two worth selling. Your customers are probably also proud snobs and tasters that like to talk about their favorite varieties. You should have emails that engage them on oenology and all related matters. Król suggests writing useful content such as talking about whatever industry your products happen to be in to maintain attention. Your emails should be more than just promotions about your new vintage of pinot grigio or syrah. You should also talk about what makes those blends so interesting to imbibe in the first place.

  • Make it look good

Email design is like Web design and not just in terms of code. Customers can be either wowed by the looks of the template and look for their wallet before they even reach the point of sale, or they can just click over to the next email about something that isn't your product. Jenkins reiterates that the look of the email should be phenomenal. Having a visually appealing aesthetic is very helpful in this regard, especially one that matches the brand of your website. After all, if your customers like the appearance of your store enough to buy stuff from it, your emails should be able to pull off the same level of desire to purchase even more wine or wine accessories.


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