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Our automated pick/pack/ship system means 100% peace of mind for you.

In Direct-to-Consumer, speed and accuracy are the keys to building customer satisfaction and loyalty. We’re committed to delivering each and every one of your packages quickly and accurately. And to prove it, we back our commitment with the strictest service level agreements in the industry.

From the moment an order is received at one of our fulfillment centers, it goes through a rigorous process to ensure it is accurately picked and shipped.

Order Validation

Before being processed, all orders are validated. We check addresses against three separate databases and make sure you’re not shipping to dry zip codes or exceeding quantity limits. We also check to make sure there are no weather holds in place, and that your products are properly setup and have inventory available.

Extensive Quality Assurance

We use an automated conveyor system and barcode driven warehouse management system to ensure each order is shipped perfectly. Once picked, orders are automatically weighed and the order contents and shipping label are inspected against a packing slip to make sure everything is correct. Our extensive quality assurance program, seamless process, and experienced staff are what allow us to boast such high accuracy rates.

To learn more about WineDirect Fulfillment, email us at sales@winedirect.com or call 800.819.0325.

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