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Our bi-coastal delivery network gives you 1-2 day access to 90% of US wine consumers.

Your customers have become accustomed to quick and easy delivery from some of the largest and friendliest online retailers, like Amazon and Zappos. When they shop with you, there’s no reason they shouldn’t expect the same level of service. It’s no longer enough to worry about when your products will ship. Your customers now want to know when their packages will be delivered.

With our bi-coastal delivery network, your wine reaches the customer much more quickly. And because we use refrigerated line-haul to transfer your product to our Ohio facility, you can rest assured that your wine will arrive at its destination in pristine condition.

Save 15% per shipment with WineDirect

Using our strategically located facility in the Cleveland metropolitan area, we’ve found our customers are able to reduce national transit time by an average of 3 business days. They’re also able to nearly eliminate the need for express service. For a typical winery, moving product closer to the customer translates to approximately $10 in savings per case shipped.

Speedy delivery means happier customers

By converting what were formerly Zone 8 shipments to Zones 2 through 4, we’ve found our customers are able to reduce national transit times by an average of 3 business days. For you, this speed of delivery means a tremendous boost to customer satisfaction.

To learn more about WineDirect Fulfillment, email us at sales@winedirect.com or call 800.819.0325.

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