Learn industry best practices from some of our past presentations.

Update on the Top 20% - January 2016

Last year, we shared insights into the top 20% of wineries who’ve mastered the art of selling wine online.  Since then, some newcomers have joined the ranks. In this presentation, we check in with wineries that are winning at DTC by digging into WineDirect/Vin65 proprietary data representing over $1B in wine transactions across 1,200 wineries.  And….we expose the secrets of wineries that have made the biggest gains year-over-year.

DTC and the Next 5 Years - January 2016

They aren’t making any more Baby Boomers. With younger generations becoming more affluent, do the same old rules still apply? Or have Amazon, Zappos, and Apple, with their focus on delivering the ultimate consumer experience, made them obsolete? In this presentation, Andrew Kamphuis covers the things you should be doing now to set yourself up for success over the next five years, as personalization, convenience, and speed become the new norm.

DTC Data - What You Can Learn from the Top 20%

Did you know that the top 20% of wineries account for more than 80% of sales? In this session, we’ll dive into data from the Vin65 platform to better understand how the stars of wine ecommerce are able to achieve and maintain their positions as leaders. (Hint: it’s not about the scores!) Using real numbers and case studies, learn best practices that are enabling the top 20% to fast-track their way to online success.

Three Proven Ways to Sell More Wine Online

Innovations in technology are revolutionizing the way your customers shop. And with a rapidly growing DTC market at stake, the opportunity has never been greater. Today’s consumer demands an experience that is seamless, Omnichannel and multi-device. Consequently, the functionality of your website and mobile shopping experience are more important than ever. In this presentation, we explore 3 actionable and easy-to-implement ways to engage customers and drive sales. These are tips and tools that benefit our clients, but are also immediately actionable even if you’re not on our platform.



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