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Summer Shipping: Steps you can take to keep orders flowing

From vineyard to bottle, you take great care in the winemaking process. But the journey doesn’t stop there. It’s important to maintain control over what happens while your product is in transit. Until the consumer has opened the bottle and tasted your wine, judgement is still out as to how well you’ve done. We hope you enjoy!

How to WOW Customers After the Purchase

While it's important to focus on the buying experience, what happens next is equally important. This white paper offers five suggestions for improving the delivery process; covering everything from customer service and package visibility to delivery alerts and email communications. We hope you enjoy!

Shipping Incentives: How to Offer Them Without Breaking the Bank

The title of this article may sound like a bit of a misnomer. Is there really a way to offer shipping incentives on wine, of all products, or worse yet “free shipping” without breaking the bank?

This white paper highlights ways you can effectively use incentives to drive sales.

What to Look for When Seeking a Winery DTC Fulfillment Partner

Companies like Amazon and Zappos have set the bar for both customer service and speed of delivery, which means that in order to succeed in direct sales, it's important to emulate the experience your customers would receive from these masters of online retail. To do that, you need a fulfillment partner whose primary areas of focus are innovation, technology, speed of delivery and service execution.

Basic Compliance Strategies for Selecting DTC State Access

In size and importance, DTC sales are a growing revenue channel for wineries, particularly those looking to take advantage of increased access to interstate markets by leveraging the explosion of the internet and social media. Yet the cost of licensing can be prohibitive for some wineries. We example three strategies for growing your DTC business by carefully selecting the states you obtain permits in. 

Basic Marketing Principles: DTC Best Practices

While uncertain economic times often make it tempting to pull back on marketing spend or concentrate resources on the latest and greatest trend, it’s worth remembering that huge benefits can often be gained by focusing on the basics. The essence of marketing is to understand the needs of your customers and develop a plan for meeting those needs.

Creating a Great Customer Experience in Ten Easy Steps

With the huge rebirth of “Word of Mouth” marketing that has resulted from the evolution of social media; the success of your business depends on the customer experience now more than ever before.   Ideally, you want to build an ongoing relationship with the customer, because if the customer is engaged, he or she will be more likely to buy your wines and refer friends to you in the future.  


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