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Simplify Your DTC Strategy With Smarter Compliance Systems

The direct-to-consumer (DTC) channel holds some of the most promising growth opportunities for the modern winery. However, the correct compliance systems must be established to ensure the complexities of interstate commerce don’t distract from the original incentives of a direct shipping program.

Transforming the Final Mile of the Customer Journey

Many merchants assume that their website’s purchase page is the final destination of the customer journey, but in many ways it’s only the beginning.  By approaching order fulfillment from a fresh perspective, brands may find several unique opportunities to extend engagement and drive additional revenue.

Who are the Top DTC Wine Buyers? Your Most Valuable Shoppers

Customer loyalty is essential to success for every winery. In a world of so many choices, it’s more important than ever to understand who your most valuable customers are and what they’re looking for in the shopping experience. This infographic sheds some light on that important question.


Expand Your Email Reach and Drive Wine Sales

Your winery doesn't have to be large in order for you to build a successful direct-to-consumer program. The best programs come in all shapes and sizes. We recently looked at some of the factors separating the best from the rest and we outline them in this infographic.



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