More Efficient Operations

Streamlined processes, reduced data entry and a true 360° view of the customer.

Our complete, end-to-end technology suite includes ecommerce, point-of-sale, wine club, order fulfillment, and loyalty programs. In short, the WineDirect end-to-end DTC platform helps tie all of your direct marketing efforts together, providing a backdrop from which you can sell directly to consumers efficiently and cost effectively.

Save Time and Money….. Enjoy Deep Visibility...…Control your Direct Sales

There are two schools of thought when it comes to managing your direct-to-consumer business: either build from the ground up, integrating the systems of various third party vendors; or leverage the insights and proven track record of an industry leader. WineDirect provides the latter. We’ve been enabling wineries with the means for direct access to consumers since 2002. Well over 1,000 brands currently use our platform to Sell More Wine.

Reduced Data Entry and Streamlined Processes

We employ best practices at every point in the direct sales process, from site usability, merchandising, and technical infrastructure, to operations and customer service. With WineDirect’s end-to-end platform, products are setup just once and automatically flow through from ecommerce to WineDirect Fulfillment. Even more importantly, with our complete solution we are able to check orders in real-time for inventory, correct address, compliance, and other issues. For you, this means fewer delays and happier customers.

Remain at the Cutting Edge

At WineDirect, we are deeply committed to continuous improvement and to using technology and innovation to raise the bar for the wine industry. As we add new and innovative features to our DTC platform, those enhancements are pushed to our entire customer base, meaning that all customers benefit from running on the latest software release. Even better, you won’t incur the additional charges often associated with “upgrading” to current technology.

To learn more about WineDirect, email us at sales@winedirect.com or call 800.819.0325.


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