Our Story

We’re on a mission. To help you SELL MORE WINE!

Our Vision

At WineDirect our vision is simple. We’re here to help you Sell More Wine direct-to-consumer. We’re passionate about that vision and in order to achieve it we strive to be the driving force of innovation for the wine industry. We've assembled a full suite of technology and services designed not only to help you grow revenue, but also to streamline your operations. We feel strongly that the wine industry has long been in need of truly connected direct sales and business management tools. 

Our End-to-End DTC Platform

Since 2002, WineDirect has been leading the way in terms of technology and services for the wine industry. With a solid foundation in both logistics and ecommerce, we're proud to be the first company to truly offer an all-in-one solution for your direct-to-consumer needs.

Our platform includes: ecommerce, point-of-sale, wine club, and loyalty programs. You benefit from a single view of your customers, from the moment they visit your tasting room, to the moment your wine arrives at their doorstep.

Our Culture and Our People

When you ask anyone what stands out the most about WineDirect, the answer will almost always be the same - it's our people. Our WineDirectors make the company what it is. We invite you to view our Culture Code and learn more about our values. As Joe Waechter likes to say, “When you get the culture right, all things are possible.”     

The WineDirect Culture from WineDirect

Our Values

Deliver Peace of Mind
Deliver personalized service in every way possible.

Build a Winning Team, Trust Your Colleagues
We believe that openness and honesty make for the best relationships with each other and with customers.

Embrace Change
Be Bold, Be Daring, Be Different. We take risks; learn the lessons, share results. Be a little better every day.

Do More With Less
Work smart, work hard, be efficient.  

Be Humble

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