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September 12, 2007 | WineDirect Products and Services | WineDirect Admin

Your CDM - the Ginzu Knife of Inertia Beverage

Inertia’s ReThink Engine is a CRM tool, a Club tool, an Email Marketing Solution, and a Content Management System that can manage your online store, allocate wine to your best customers, and report back to you.
And as if that weren’t enough it all comes with a sympathetic, hand-holding business Partner - your CDM - Client Development Manager/Consumer Direct Manager - take your pick.

You’d think that all of those (software) benefits would be enough - the ReThink engine does a lot. No other company can boast as much about all of the things that their software delivers (with free upgrades) than we can. But we go one (or two) steps further - we don’t just upload some software and walk out your door. Think of us as your partners in Direct.
I like to think of Client Development Managers as the “what and the who”. What kind of campaign would be most effective for my brand? Who is my target audience or segment? Think of them (or us) as your strategic partner - the person who will remind you (and help you) plan for success in your direct to consumer channels.

Wait, there’s more…


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