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December 30, 2015 | Wine Industry Trends | Joanne Grantz

Year-end news roundup: Part 2

As holiday season comes to a close, chances are your winery is celebrating this year's successes and planning for 2016. In between the hustle and bustle of year-ahead strategizing, make sure to take a break and catch up on the latest news relevant to your industry. Whether you're running an online wine store or focused on improving the tasting room experience, here's some relevant reading to get your year started on the right foot:

Wine business news
Chances are, if you work in any part of the alcoholic beverages industry, you're aware of the bourbon barrel craze that has touched craft beer brewers worldwide. As it turns out, this fad is making its way onto wine drinkers' palettes. According to Nomacorc, Fetzer Wines is experimenting with a bourbon barrel-aged Zinfandel. Apparently, this particular varietal's flavors can stand up well to the robust flavors of the barrel.

If your winery depends on direct-to-consumer sales as a business model, you are well aware of the restrictions and hurdles all wineries face when entering the ecommerce world. As Steve Heimoff explained, politicians today who support a free market also tend to be very against DTC alcohol sales. If you've ever wondered why, take a look at his in-depth analysis of the situation.

Regardless of what industry you're in, it's important to begin a new year with an in-depth understanding of how your business and its customers are evolving. The same goes for wine, and SWIG shared a list of trends the wine world needs to watch in 2016. Some of these include the emergence of younger wine writers, distributor consolidation and more virtual wineries. 

"Brands should tell original stories to engage prospects."

How much time does your winery spend on content marketing? According to PracticalEcommerce, brands should tell original stories to engage prospects. Take a look at the article for some advice on how to develop a stronger content marketing plan for your online wine store.

Moving into 2016, it's important your online wine store is optimized for mobile using responsive design. In fact, eMarketer shared data from Payvision that found the majority of retailers claim mobile commerce is having a major effect on their business.

Email marketing is an important medium all wineries must employ to reach customers and drive sales. Of course, you'll also want to know how to increase conversions through email content. According to PracticalEcommerce, business owners can increase email clicks by including video, teasing the audience and changing the routine.

As more consumers shop online, businesses must accommodate for increase product returns, otherwise known as reverse logistics. As Retail Customer Experience pointed out, shoppers today expect seamless shopping experiences, even when it comes to making returns. How does your winery deal with this process?

The shipping process is crucial to providing customers with a positive experience, because shoppers today expect fulfillment to be hassle -free and inexpensive. In fact, Econsultancy predicted that shipping and delivery will be key ecommerce topics in 2016.


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