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December 16, 2015 | Wine Industry Trends | Joanne Grantz

Year-end news roundup: Part 1

The colder weather and holiday cheer bring more opportunities for wine drinkers to cozy up next to the fireplace with their favorite wine, share a bottle with a loved one or choose the perfect complement for a family gathering. Amidst all the seasonal winery planning, you may have missed out on some important news so far this month:

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Wine is certainly considered a luxury item. However, consumers drink their favorite beverage for a wide array of occasions. The Press Democrat wrote that according to a recent survey for E&J Gallo Winery, 85 percent of frequent wine drinkers think the beverage is just as appropriate for casual settings as it is for more formal occasions. Moreover, the research found millennials are more likely to share wine with friends while baby boomers drink with family. Keep this data in mind when creating social media and blog content for your winery.

Millennials are much more enthusiastic wine drinkers than many people think, and some wineries are starting to catch onto this trend. Trinchero Family Estates' Taken Wine Co. unit added an entry-level lineup to its portfolio of millennial-focused brands, Shanken News Daily reported. The lineup, called Available, will launch nationwide in coming weeks and will focus on Pinot Grigio as well as a new red blend. How is your winery catering to millennials?

New York has long dominated the wine scene as far as dining is concerned, but new restrictions might change that fact. According to New York Eater, the New York State Liquor Authority is imposing new regulations that will limit a restaurant's ability to sell to wine to customers purchased from private collections, eliminating some of the top wine destinations in the country.

DTC wineries are always exploring new ways to fulfill orders as efficiently as possible. Take a look at the 5-S strategy for quality fulfillment that is outlined on PracticalEcommerce. According to the publication, the five S's translated into English are: sort, arrange, shine, standardize and sustain.

It may seem counterintuitive for a luxury item, but many ecommerce businesses are using emojis to market their brands and become more personal. If you think emojis could be a good communication tool for your winery, check out this helpful guide from PracticalEcommerce.

One area of ecommerce success that is constantly changing is search engine optimization. Every year new trends emerge, and wineries should stay apprised of how to rank at the top of search results. According to MarketingProfs, there are five important SEO trends businesses should know about moving into 2016.


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