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February 15, 2008 | eCommerce , Merchandising , Site Design and Management | WineDirect Admin


Content is one of the most important parts of your website. It is how you bring your wine and your winery to life and yet another– very important – way that search engines will find you. There are many important things to consider when reevaluating your current website content, but here’s an easy and quick win: KEEP IT FRESH!

How will you keep your website up to date and worth coming back to?

Keeping Your Site Fresh
As you know, it is important that you keep your homepage and all your content fresh and up to date. It is extremely frustrating for someone who visits your events page to only to find events from several months ago, or to see Outdoor Party recipes in the middle of December.

By updating your content on a regular basis you are not only seen as more professional to your visitors, but you also trigger search engines to take another look and move you up in the rankings. The most important page that search engines look at is your homepage, so be sure that you are continually refreshing some of the content on that page.

When did you last refresh your website? Make a plan for upcoming dates to add new and refresh old content: Weekly, if you can; Monthly; Quarterly; and/or Seasonal/Holiday

Here are three key tips to implement now:

Update your calls-to-action (CTAs)
Ask for what you want; make your specials/kickers actionable. Your CTA is what is going to point your visitors in the direction you want them to go. Use CTA’s throughout your site, reinforcing your website goals. Caution: If you don’t have any CTA’s on your home page, they will have nothing to guide their experience throughout your website.

Include a “Seasonal Features” Section
Link to this page from a Kicker on the Homepage. Offer new recipes and food pairings each season. Discuss what’s happening in the vineyard at that time. By doing so, you will give users a reason to visit again, as well as give search engines an additional way to locate you for their searchers. But REMEMBER: keep search engines happy by updating with text-based elements and not simply images.

Keep News & Events Current
The key to maintaining a successful website is keeping your information fresh. By keeping your news and events updated you:

  • Hold the attention of your audience, and create interest in your website.
  • Provide a reason for your visitors to return – most of us don’t read the same book over and over again. Give your visitors a weekly or monthly “magazine” and they’ll subscribe!
  • Increase spending as a direct result of an extended customer focus created on your site.
  • Improve the likelihood your website will be indexed higher on search engine results.


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