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September 19, 2007 | General , Resources and Tools , Wine Industry Trends | WineDirect Admin

Why reinvent the wheel

I’ve been getting these same questions from day to day and I don’t blame anyone for asking them. It’s like hearing your friends talk about iPhone and all of a sudden you have to have one yourself. Or learning about Bluetooth for the first time, and the next thing you know, your oven talks to your computer over Bluetooth. New technology is exciting, but it doesn’t mean you have to build one from the ground up.

So what’re the questions I keep getting time and time again?

  1. “Can you build me a blog?”
  2. “Can you build me a social network?”
  3. “Can you build a video player for my website?”

etc. etc. etc.

My answer is always the same. If the purpose of these new “toys” is to drive traffic back to your website, then “if you build it and they will come” is nothing but daydreaming. Use tools, great tools, that already exist out there for everything you can think of under the sun. These tools not only give you more features than you could possible dream to use, they also provide you entry to something bigger, a bigger audience, a bigger pool of potential visitors to your websites.

Take youTube for example. Why host your videos on your own site, and pray that someday, someone is going to stumble across your videos when you can upload them to youTube, and instantly, you have millions of viewers doing all kinds of keyword searches, and might just be looking for video clips on wineries, wine tasting, or what have you? Same goes for your blog. Being a part of a blog community is great. Most blogs will let you be part and sign up for different communities, groups of people who are blogging about the same topic, with feeds flying all over the Internet.

So don’t reinvent the wheel. It defeats the purpose (driving traffic back to your site), and you’re spending money on building a tool that will never stand up to what’s already out there (youTube, Flickr, Word Press, the list goes on and on).


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