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June 26, 2008 | Wine Club Management | WineDirect Admin

View from the other side of the bar

Recently, some friends and I went wine tasting here in Napa Valley.

Our first stop was Rutherford Hill Winery where one in our group was a club member. A pick up party was in progress for club members and we were given the VIP treatment. We had our own section in the front patio, several staff members to chat with and pour and a terrific snack spread. The Cabernets are always wonderful here and the new realease Syrah was terrific! We spent quite some time there and several extra bottles of wine were purchased–a direct result of the special treatment we felt we’d recieved. I mentioned this to the club manager and she confirmed that pick up parties for club members were very successful compared to having club members stop by when they could.

Next was Baldacci where an appointment is requested. Luckily, they had time for us that day and shared some wonderful Pinot’s. We took our time, savored every sip and were rewarded with one on one time with the staff here once the tasting room cleared out. Stories were told and recommendations for other wineries were shared by the staff members (big score in our books!). Again, more wine was purchased, partly because it’s so good and partly because of the friendly out-going staff that made us all feel special.

My point? Throw a pick up party for your wine club members. Make sure your staff is friendly and spends time with your customers. My other point? Go wine tasting. Meet the winery staff. Take your time and enjoy yourselves. Ask questions. Ask for recommendations. Winery staff members have a wealth of knowledge and the willingness to share–take the time to find out what they know. Your wine tasting experience will be hugely enhanced by doing so.





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