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March 7, 2014 | eCommerce , Fulfillment/Shipping | Jim Agger

Use Wine Shipping to Connect With Customers

Wine shipping represents both a challenge and opportunity. Ecommerce fulfillment is anxiety-provoking for both you and your customers - they have already paid for products but don't have them yet and you need to orchestrate the process to make delivery as efficient as possible. Once orders leave the wine warehouse, it's difficult to maintain control and visibility over the process because a logistics provider can impact the speed of the delivery. 

Shipping wine is complicated enough, between processing orders, managing inventory and delivering products on time. However, fulfillment can be a determining factor in whether customers trust your winery's website enough to buy from you. There are many competitors online, which adds to the challenge. Consumers may be especially reluctant to purchase from a winery they've never heard of. Emphasizing strengths in the fulfillment arena can foster shoppers' confidence, according to an infographic from KISSmetrics. 

Communicating information about the speed and efficiency of your wine shipping can make customers more likely to buy. Huge online retailers have offered shoppers increased visibility into order processing, and they are coming to expect this from your online wine store. You can provide detailed shipping information as consumers add items to their carts to lessen the chances that they will abandon the purchase. The infographic listed several features to include on the page:

  • A customer service phone number: This way shoppers don't have to leave the page if they have trouble completing the purchase. 
  • The delivery date: Focus on this date instead when products will ship. Fulfillment delays are a huge reason for customer dissatisfaction. It's also a good idea to show shipping costs as consumers add items to their carts so the fees don't come as a surprise at the end.
  • Show where products are being shipped from: Customers sometimes like seeing this information, and it can help reassure them that products will arrive when they're supposed to.

Wine shipping can improve customer experience
Utilizing shipping notifications is another way to increase customer confidence in the process, Practical Ecommerce said. Most online shoppers acknowledge these messages but don't pay too much attention. However, they will notice if they don't receive an email about deliveries at all. You may even be able to set these notifications up in your online store software when you process the shipping information. A simple email can reassure consumers that deliveries will be on time. It's also important to warn people if shipments are going to arrive late. Offering real-time parcel tracking information can help as well. 

Providing multiple shipping options can significantly boost satisfaction. In its 2012 "Online Shopping Customer Experience Study," comScore found 48 percent of customers are not willing to wait more than five days for products to show up. As retail giants like Amazon have continued to refine the fulfillment process, this patience may be even shorter. In 2012, only 5 percent of customers expected next-day delivery, but this is rapidly becoming more the norm. However, this may not be the same across the board.

"Online shoppers have a range of time they are willing to wait for the delivery of their orders," the report said. "Retailers that offer a range of delivery time options allow themselves to appeal to a wider range of customers."

Because customers have different preferences, offering a variety of options could help you see a rise in conversion rates, Practical Ecommerce stated. Despite this, your operations can run better when order processing is as quick and efficient as possible. There are potential bottlenecks that you can avoid by starting order processing as soon as the purchase is completed. 


Ruhullah Thurairatnam's Gravatar
Ruhullah Thurairatnam
@ Sep 5, 2016 at 1:41 AM
Hey Jim, I work at an eCommerce solutions provider and we have a number of wine merchants using our platform. I came across this article as I was looking up information for an article I was researching which I published here: http://www.instantestore.com/blog/trust-in-ecommerce

It goes in depth about the value of trust for online shoppers and how eCommerce merchants should go about creating both actual and perceived trustworthiness in their estores.

I like how your article is very niche specific to not only wine but also with regards to shipping. I think your detailed approach comes across in your tips as well as they do suggest being detailed about the information provided during the shipping process.

Would enjoy a further gab about eCommerce in general when you are free. Do email me or contact me via social media. I look forward to it!

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