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April 16, 2007 | Customer Relationship Management (CRM) | WineDirect Admin

Unified Database

Perhaps you have heard the phrase Unified database mentioned a few times on this blog, or from Account Management, Sales or the Client Services & Support teams. It is the idea of one central database containing your customers true order history, account preferences, wine club data, and all other information that pertains to your customers.

So what is the true value of the unified database? Many times, customer data and information is dispersed amongst multiple incoherent databases. You may process your wine club through one tool and your ecommerce direct purchases are recorded in another database. And also your tasting room purchases are recorded in yet another disconnected database. A true 3-dimensional look at your customer records is truly impossible in this scenario. Viewing the order history of someone off of your tasting room database is not a true reflection of their purchasing patterns. It does not include data such as club shipments, ecommerce and phone purchases. You have limited visibility to their true purchasing patterns. How do you determine who your best customers are or who should receive your next pre-release email for a particular varietal? Understanding this data is imperative in regards to marketing and creating a lifelong relationship with your customers.

Inertia has worked hard at building relationships with companies in the top of their business such as Wine Tasting Network and POSR and we consistently improve our tools to ensure that managing the Unified Database aspect of your business is a reality. Utilizing the partnerships and tools we offer gives you the ability to understand and get that true 3-dimensional look at your customers and guarantees your success.

Over the next couple of weeks, the Client Services & Support department will be posting methods and true life examples of ways that you can ensure that you get that 3-dimensional look at purchasing patterns and all other aspects of your customers.


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