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June 1, 2007 | WineDirect Products and Services | WineDirect Admin

Team Effort

Last night we released a significant upgrade to our REthink Engine. This milestone had me thinking about a couple of things. First, I pondered the concept of teamwork, or lots of people contributing toward a common goal.

This particular release was a result of the combined effort of more people than ever for IBG. The team included our hardworking and talented technical group, our Account Managers serving as client advocates, our dedicated and thorough Client Support Services team who provided so much every step of the way, our new QA manager, executives, and especially important were our clients.

Thanks in particular to those who participated in our Wine Club symposium including clients from Russian Hill, Titus, Vino Con Brio, Bourassa, as well as the numerous clients who sent in ideas and requests. We all appreciate your investment in the strength of our products. Please keep the ideas flowing!

This was a tremendous display of classic team principles – sliding over for weak-side help (yes, I’m caught up in the NBA playoffs), or more simply pitching in anywhere help was needed; making everyone on your team better as the great players do; focusing on the good of the team and on achieving the end-goal. I’m very proud to be a member of this team.

That end-goal was the other thing I’ve been mulling over. I was thinking about tools. On Wikipedia, a tool is defined as: “… a piece of equipment which typically provides a mechanical advantage in accomplishing a physical task. The most basic tools are simple machines.”

Essentially, we set out to build a killer tool. Our clients can get their work done manually (or “physically”), but we want to provide them with a tool/machine that really gives them an advantage. A huge advantage! That’s our goal in everything we do. This team intends to continually provide software and services that put our clients ahead of the game in all things Direct.



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