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December 2, 2015 | Customer Relationship Management (CRM) | Sheri Hebbeln

Strategies to take customer feedback to the next level

Online customer feedback is much different from thoughts shared in person. Not only are customers' opinions visible to everyone involved, but guests can get a better idea of how a company is responding to their thoughts. With this in mind, it is crucial that online wine stores designate a place for consumers to share their own feedback and view the input of other guests.

As our white paper "Creating a Great Customer Experience in Ten Easy Steps" pointed out, giving customers a place to share their stories is an integral part of creating an exceptional experience. However, while most wineries have that aspect covered, there are additional strategies they can employ to take both negative and positive customer feedback to the next level:

1. Adjust products and offerings
Customers leave feedback because they want a business to improve. For example, The Telegraph shared the example of Domino's Pizza, a company that reached out and asked its customers for frank feedback on their product. In response, the company adjusted its customer service and recipe accordingly. its stock value rose from $7.73 in 2009 to more than $70 in 2014.

While Domino's is a very large enterprise, wineries can learn from the company's strategy. Wineries should not only listen to customer feedback shared on various channels but show their guests they've taken that input into serious consideration. For example, if a lot of consumers complain about wine club choices or member fees, wineries should make necessary adjustments as well as communicate those changes in order to improve customer perception. The same goes for different varietals. Wineries can show appreciation by making more of a favorite varietal available online.

2. Get social
Wineries can also optimize their customer feedback by creating a digital "wall of love" on social media channels. Rather than limiting positive input to the online site, wineries can show appreciation for their customers by sharing their comments on social media channels and thanking them personally. This strategy will get the positive word out to other wine drinkers and make the customer feel noticed, heard and appreciated.

3. Integrate into product descriptions
Wineries can build trust with their clientele by sharing customer feedback beneath product descriptions. It would be helpful to share one or two positive and constructive comments to help shoppers gain a more objective idea of a product. Since drinking wine is such a subjective experience, anything that makes the selection process easier and more accurate will keep customers happy.

4. Surprise and delight
Customers love to feel appreciated by a brand, and wineries can take feedback to the next level by surprising and delighting people who share feedback online. For example, if a patron shares a raving review on Facebook, a winery could thank that person by sending a free bottle of wine or even offering a discounted wine membership. Additionally, if a customer had a poor experience, wineries can share a small gift to regain that shopper's trust.

Feedback is essential to any ecommerce business. However, what sets one company apart from the other is how it handles customer input and its ability to respond in the most effective way possible.


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