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March 28, 2007 | Customer Relationship Management (CRM) | WineDirect Admin

Standing apart from the crowd

The True Value of Customer Satisfaction - Part 3
March 28th, 2007

What makes your product unique or desirable started with an idea that you nurtured and grew to what it is today. What keeps it being desired may be due to the quality or status and of course marketing (perception).

Today you are #1 but what about tomorrow? What will your clients talk about tomorrow after the sale?

To stand apart from the crowd, you need to foster good will, build the relationship and provide more then cookie cuter, stand in line sales for this great product. Loyalty, respect and the ability to part your customers cash from their wallet regularly involves more then a just a great product.

Building a relationship is the key, a relationship that is often the responsibility of your front line staff. If you hired and trained correctly, they will make and not break you. We all have customer service related horror stories, and we all know what we expect from people as consumers but are you hiring and training your staff to understand what is needed to meet their sometimes irrational demands? Are you just seeking compliments or are you also seeking constructive criticism from your customers on how to better your service, so that you retain them.

Many successful companies know this and have built their reputation on customer satisfaction to the point that there name is synonymous with service. They stand apart from the crowd because they know they not only have a great product but they empower their staff with the ability and skills to make each customer happy at every level and every transaction. Obviously, the first step is to hire the right person for the job. The right person comes in many forms, and the right person for the job of making your customers happy depends on your clientele. The right person will often be a chameleon with the ability to match or meet the customer’s rhythm, vocal tone and personality. The employee that can master the craft of reading your client and matching their cadence, mood and personality to the client’s will always build better relationships and stand apart from others. They will always build better relationships that keep the customer coming back again and again. These satisfied customers are your best advertisement, they are your advocates, and they are talking and sharing how great your product and service is. This intangible value can only be measured by talking with your customers and soliciting feedback, good or bad. Positive feedback means you and your staff, are doing something right. More importantly, reoccurring negative feedback that you address and then set in motion changes to either minimize or eradicate, will keep you ahead of the pack

You are now standing apart from the crowd.



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