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March 8, 2012 | Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Telesales | WineDirect Admin

Spring Clean Your Customers

Spring is the time of year when your consumers are starting to think about everything summer: outdoor barbecues, baseball, and a glass of wine. It’s also a perfect time to call your customers to check in and make sure they have some of your whites and reds on hand to last them through the hot summer days. Making this call now, whether you outsource or do it in-house can also greatly increase your end of year Direct-to-Consumer sales.

At Call For Wine we call it “Spring Cleaning.” Here are two simple strategies for success:

1. Clean up your customer data

The most important part of Spring Cleaning for us is calling every lead in a database. Once we have made a full pass we have two very important piece of information:

  • Which customers want to buy wine over the phone
  • Which customers have incorrect / old information (phone, mailing address, and email)

Those are your two database segments.

Over the years, one of our focuses has been providing a complete list cleaning and data-sourcing service. We take the customers with incorrect data, get updated addresses, emails, and phone numbers for you – it’s an instant boost to your callable universe. This is a process you don’t want to be doing during the high conversion months from September through December.

2.  Find your customers’ likes

One of the greatest things about a phone call to your own customers is the impromptu information you are able to discover. We use a contact manager that allows our reps to take copious (and more importantly, actionable) notes on anything from frequency of visit, anniversaries, or just what wines make them really excited.

Spring is the perfect time to get this information. What you are doing during this call is not only about brand building and sales at that moment, but strategizing for the end of the year.

From September through December, we find that our most successful clients have run a spring campaign. Why are they so successful? Because we have the tools we need to make every call relevant to that individual customer. Every contact becomes a high-probability sale because we don’t have to spend as much time probing.

On average, clients who run at least a spring campaign to clean up information and find customer likes perform at two times the conversion rate of clients who don’t.

This can be a big project and the sooner you start, the more successful future Direct-to-Consumer sales will be.


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