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July 7, 2008 | Direct-To-Trade | WineDirect Admin

Repeat Buyers and the Importance of your Trade Database

Everyone knows that the key to building a successful online marketing initiative is building a good database. The more contacts you have in your database the better, since these are the people who will continue to receive information from you on new wines or any special promotions. The people who know and enjoy your product will repeatedly purchase your wines, and will become your best customers. These repeat buyers are the cheapest to market to, and the easiest to convert. This is why it is always important to maintain customer contact and reach out to recent buyers on a personal basis to make sure you continue to nurture that relationship.
As we ramp up our Direct-to-Trade platform, we are finding that the same mentality holds true for trade accounts. A few weeks ago, Andrea spoke about the importance of building and segmenting your trade database on the REthink blog. By harvesting business cards from your tasting room staff or reviewing depletion lists to see what accounts have purchased in the past you are slowly building a list of reliable trade accounts that have tasted or purchased your wine. You should segment these by type of account, level of relationship, and what wines they purchased.
By using your DTT channel to sell wines direct to these accounts; you are enabling your winery to better build these direct relationships with the trade, which is what will allow you to have the personal touch you have with all of your consumers. So what are the first steps to make sure your trade accounts become repeat buyers?

  • Make sure all orders ship quickly and on time to trade accounts
  • Include materials that are directed towards members of the trade such as shelf talkers and detailed tasting notes
  • Always follow up with the account to make sure the wines arrived safely, this can be as simple as a short phone call made shortly after the wines are sent
  • Note what wines accounts purchase and buying patterns for follow up efforts

All of these simple steps will help you maintain a relationship with trade accounts that will encourage them to continue to purchase your wines. And remember, repeat buyers are easy targets so the better the relationships you have with your accounts in your trade database, the more sales you will see come through your direct channel.


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