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January 11, 2007 | Email Marketing | WineDirect Admin

Re: Lose Weight Now! For Free!!!

I constantly have to send test emails to my personal mail accounts to make sure that the email displays correctly across all platforms and email clients and every so often I find the emails to be in the “Spam” or “Junk Mail” folder. To see the email I would have to go into my “Junk Mail” folder, locate the email amongst hundreds of spam mails and try to find which link to click to see the contents. I don’t think customers want to go through this dreadful process to be able to see what deals our clients have to offer, it is so much easier to just click on the “Delete Spam Mail” button without ever checking it. What is a good email blast if customers will never look at these emails.

Spam filters usually use a “point system” to determine what to be filtered. Basically the filters go through an email and add points to any suspicious phrases. Once an email’s points go over a limit, the email is filtered out and left in the “Spam” folder.

Here are a few things to avoid that are known to add to your “Spam points”:

1.Excessive use of quotation marks, dollar signs and exclamation points.
2.All capital letters – This is not only hard to read, it’s also like shouting at your recipients.
3.Use of red text – This is also hard to read, it is also a well-known spam tactic.
4.Excessive use of “Click Here”, “50% Off!”, etc. – Try to avoid these call to actions, instead try to use more descriptive words.
5.Misleading Subject Lines – Such as “Re:” to make your emails look like a reply.
I will also include of list of commonly used phrases that are known to cause emails to be filtered out:

Free! 50% off!
Click Here Opportunity
Call now! Compare
Subscribe Removes
Collect Discount!
Amazing You’re a Winner!
“Hidden” Satisfaction Guaranteed
Information you requested “Stop” or “Stops”
Search Engine Listings Act Now!
Offer All New
One time All Natural
As Seen On… Order Now
Buy Direct Please Read
Don’t Delete Save up to
Time limited Special Promotion
Guarantee, Guaranteed Visit our web site
Great offer While Supplies last
Give it away, Giving it away Why pay more?
Join millions

Hopefully this is helpful for your future email blasts!


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