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April 24, 2007 | Resources and Tools | WineDirect Admin

Paying it Forward

Mike Duffy, of the Winery Website Report, a blog that we have watched and been grateful for the knowledge he’s shared with the industry “tagged” us today in his post. He has been one of the unsung champions for wineries trying to help them succeed online. In the spirit of “paying it forward” here are some blogs that we anticipate will be useful or that we just enjoy reading:

I tried not repeating his choices but he had some many of the best listed. For me, I am mostly skewed to wine industry information that helps wineries and I couldn’t just do 5.

Winery Website Report - Mike Duffy (we wish he’d post more)

Wine Tasting Services - Chris Edwards - though they are just getting their feet wet and they are going to give some great information, especially about fulfillment

Fermentations - Tom Wark - loud and loved - what can we say

Pinotblogger - Josh’s journey with his new winery is great for all wineries to learn from

Good Grape - Jeff did such a great job blogging we hired him

Grape Thinking - Greg Mueller is a Millennial trying to make his mark but the content from his blog is promising

Stromhoek - The best Wine 2.0 brand - they are the posterchild

The Long Tail - it may not seem about wine, but it is.

More of our favorites just for wine enthusiasts:




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