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March 19, 2007 | Partners | WineDirect Admin

Partnership and Appreciation

At IBG we use the word ‘partnership’ frequently. The most obvious occurrence of the word comes from our business development team which has a host of partnerships in place or in the works in an effort to bring more opportunities for our clients to increase their direct sales channel.

A more unique application of the word comes when we refer to our winery partners. We talk about our clients in such a way since we do consider our relationship to be a partnership in selling direct and in building and enhancing our own offering.

I recently got to see this dynamic at work with some terrific results. Michael Coffey, one of our Account Managers, hosted a wine club symposium. He invited several of our wine club clients from different types of wineries to get together and talk about the challenges of running their clubs and how our tools help, as well as where they can be improved. Ideas were shared and we gained invaluable insights which will inform our next significant software upgrade.

Additionally, as one particular idea was tossed out and discussed during the session, those of us participating from IBG all took note and immediately determined that we wanted to address the enhancement sooner rather than later. Our technical team worked hard to sneak in the item into the release that we had coming out in just a few days. We hope that the feature makes the next club runs for many of our winery partners just a little bit smoother.

I want to thank those who attended and generously gave their time and shared their experiences in the spirit of cooperation and true partnership: Ed Gomez from Russian Hill, Emily Barouch at Titus Vineyards, Anne Matson from Vino Con Brio, and Tristan Fairbanks of Bourassa Vineyards.

Also, my thanks go out to the many clients who were unable to join us but who took the time to send in their thoughts and requests ahead of time. I appreciate all our partners’ on-going participation and sense of ownership of what we are creating together. Please keep the ideas coming!


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