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May 31, 2007 | Wine Industry Trends | WineDirect Admin

My passion is grapes. Why should I blog?

With continuing brand proliferation, and easier access to information and international brands, more than ever before, fine wine is a recommendation-driven industry. Blogs, podcasts, and the growing list of wine-focused social networks provide the ideal forum for viral wine marketing. Think of every participant in an online community as an advocate espousing an opinion on wine that will undoubtedly resonate with someone else, or at least be noted. Emerging companies offering online reviews, user-driven wine communities, hyperlinks to online wine sales, or software that helps wineries better understand their consumers, are an attractive solution for the small direct-to-market winery trying to gain expertise.

To take advantage of this new and critical marketing approach, winery owners must find an e-commerce link, and embrace rapid change and evolving marketing tactics. In addition, they must be prepared to spend money to provide the same sort of support they might give their other marketing initiatives. Direct-to-consumer is about customer service. As a result, when these potential new customers travel from a wine blog to your winery Web site, they need to experience the same type of brand feel, message, service and support they would experience in your own tasting room. That will build the positive consumer experience needed for successful brand building of high-end wines. And finally, as part of the direct-to-consumer solution, wineries needs to develop appropriate direct sales method, determine how to manage information while keeping your customer loyalty.



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