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August 2, 2007 | General | WineDirect Admin

Marketing 1-2-3

Marketing is a very simple process. Figure out what’s good about your product (your Competitive Advantage) who you think would like to buy what you have to offer (Target Market) and why the Target should give a damn (Unique Selling Proposition or USP).

How does this apply to wine. What’s good about your product has to be the taste/price relationship. If your wine doesn’t stand up in quality to the price you are asking for it, then chances are you’re not going to sell much.

Who is your Target? In our business, this generally has to do with the price and style of the wine. Lower priced wines might be targeted against the casual consumer, though there are many heavy users that consume high volume, but don’t want to pay high prices. Remember, wine in a bag in the box accounts for roughly 20% of the table wine gallons sold in the U.S. For higher priced wines, the target is most likely the Discovery consumer. That subset of wine drinkers who are always looking for something new, and want to be ahead of the curve. The point here is that it is not enough to say my target audience is wine drinkers en masse. That is your Market, but not your Target.

What about the USP? The real question is, why is my wine worth what I want you to pay for it. This could be where the grapes come from, the reputation of the wine maker, how the wine is cared for, etc. If you can’t communicate this clearly and concisely on your website, in your sales collateral, at your tasting room, then you are going to have a real struggle getting people to fork over their disposal income for what you are offering.

Unfortunately, making great wine is not enough. You have to give the consumer a reason to buy it!


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