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April 3, 2007 | Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Email Marketing | WineDirect Admin

Mailing list – Snail mail vs. Email

In today’s more technologically advanced world, we are beginning to see a transition from the traditional “snail mail” to email. With this transition comes the obvious debate - “Which is more personal?” And more importantly - which method is more effective in turning contacts to customers?

There are arguments both for and against each side of the question. It remains to be seen if there is a solid reason to choose one over the other. I believe there is validity in each argument. Finding the happy medium between email and printed mailings, is finding suitable occasions for both. Some customers need to have something tangible to feel they are truly appreciated. Others would rather have your communications delivered to their phone, PDA, or computer so that they can be informed of an upcoming event or offering with minimal interruption.

With that said, how do you go about segmenting your customers?

  1. Form a plan to effectively communicate to both groups of consumers, separately.
  2. Design a mailing which specifically tells your customers to choose their preferred method of communication. Make sure to include a return mailer for “snail mail” customers and a web address directing your tech savvy to sign-up online.
  3. Send the direct mailing and wait for the response. For contacts that don’t respond, put them on your email list.

After segmenting your customers, you will be amazed at how much time and money you will save by cutting down your mailing list. This simple task will help you better understand your customers and their preferences and help you establish a clean email database.

Michael Coffey

Sr. Account Manager


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