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February 2, 2007 | Customer Relationship Management (CRM) | WineDirect Admin

Knowledge Management

Every time you interact with a customer, there is some type of exchange of knowledge. The quality and management of this knowledge exchange directly impacts the quality of the customer experience and great customer experiences are essential for maximizing the lifetime value of customer relationships.

Some of the knowledge required for a great customer experience are captured during customer creation, online purchases, club signups and mailing list sign ups. However other information is important as well. Capturing and maintaining accurate customer information thorough any customer interaction is vital for getting an accurate understanding of that customer. For example, in a tasting room conversation a customer may mention their dog Spot. Capturing that information and mentioning Spot next time you talk to that customer will assure you create a warm and personal customer experience.

Knowledge must be kept up-to-date. That’s why knowledge management should be built directly into your businesses progression. Constantly scrub your data and customer information to ensure its accuracy. Encourage your customers to update any outdated information. This will help ensure accurate delivery of information and help build that positive customer experience.

To offer great customer experience, it’s important to constantly measure your support performance and constantly evolve your business and customer experience. The process of maintaining a positive customer experience is organic and ever changing. Modifiying processes and procedures according to your business and customers is vital to building that positive customer experience.

In today’s competitive marketplace, excellent customer experience is separating the winners from the losers. That’s why knowledge management has become more important than ever. Set yourself aside from the group by creating a personal customer experience that your customers will remember.

Stephen Mutch
Director of Support Services


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