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May 27, 2008 | Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Direct-To-Trade , Email Marketing | WineDirect Admin

Know your Audience

I recently had quite a serendipitous episode that drove home the idea that we must approach Direct-to-Consumer e-mail marketing much different than we approach Direct-to-Trade e-mail marketing. While eating at one of my favorite spots Cesar trying to choose a bottle of Albarino, our waiter saw me struggling with the menu. He approached our table and asked if he could help and soon started going into the generic, descriptive words that typify all Albarinos; crisp, citric, and somewhat high in acid… Being in the industry these descriptions weren’t very helpful and after explaining I had a bit of background he then started describing one of his favorites. He went into the details of the vineyard location, the soil at the site, age of the vines and even the wine maker, I was sold. The key is that that once we find our audience we have to modify our message appropriately.

We’ve nearly mastered the art of wine focused DTC marketing, crafting messages that paint beautiful pictures of family, hard work and the individual journeys that lead each of us to the Napa Valley (or whatever valley or peak you claim as home) where we could fulfill a lifelong passion of wine making. Now that we enter the realm of DTT e-mail marketing we must reassess our message as we’re speaking to a different audience. As Direct-to-Trade sales increase every month , one of the many tools used to sell wine through this channel has been e-mail campaigns. Some of the most successful campaigns focused on messaging that included:

*The value of the channel. Direct from the winery to you! Currently unavailable in your market. The exclusivity of your product in their market is one of the biggest selling points!

*These are wine savvy people who taste through piles of wine on a weekly basis; the black cherry and cocoa descriptions are useful but let’s get into the meat and potatoes of what makes your wine stand out from the rest.

*Who’s your Wine Maker?

*Where is your vineyard? What kind of sun exposure do you receive? Does it sit in a unique micro climate that lends itself well to your particular varietal?

To break it down even further, when marketing Direct-to-Trade, there are essentially two groups to focus on; on-premise and off-premise which denotes the location of which the wine is consumed namely restaurants or retailers. What information is pertinent to off premise accounts?

*Scores. Shelf talkers are an effective selling tools in wine shops and highlighting scores on shelf talkers help sell wine. If you doubt the validity of this, take a look at the holes on any shelf in any wine shop and 9 times out of 10 you’ll find a shelf talker.

*Quantity discounts. More applicable with off premise accounts as they are more apt to purchase quantity.

*Currently unavailable in your market!

And for on-premise accounts?

*The availability to purchase in quantities of six. Cellar space is precious in any restaurant.

*The cuisine at your target restaurant; a big, bold Napa Cab won’t fare well on a menu featuring summer salads.

*Currently unavailable in your market!




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