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May 18, 2007 | Direct-To-Trade | WineDirect Admin

Improving your swing……….in Direct-to-Trade??

Now that the weather is nice I’ve been going to the driving range again. I know, I know, real golfers aren’t seasonal. That may be true, but I’m working up to it. Fortunately, for my swing and my wallet, Inertia has a handful of in-house golf pros who are always ready to help you out with some tips.

One of these pros is Mike Brown who showed me an exercise to help me with my back swing and follow-thru. The exercise was to train my shoulders and upper torso to turn independently of my lower back and hips. This was very different than how I had twisted my body………..well, forever. But I did the exercises, and although it felt a little different in the beginning I gained the ability to turn my shoulders independently of my hips allowing me to connect with my target (the ball) with greater control, accuracy and consistency. To be honest, it was a little weird at first but the pay-off was putting the screws to ball (instead of making divots). Now, it feels great! And I’m showing all of my friends this exercise that Mike Brown showed me. It feels great to be an evangelist.

So what the heck does this have to do with Direct-to-Trade? Well, there are many process you may be use to in selling and shipping your wine to the trade. They are comfortable and well known to you and everyone you work with. But sometimes when someone you trust, like internationally renowned golf pro Mike Brown, shows you a way to improve your process, although a little different at first, it can become as natural as a good golf swing.

If you are interested in Direct-to-Trade, or in learning the exercise that Mike teaches, just drop us a line.

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