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May 17, 2007 | Merchandising | WineDirect Admin

Importance of photography (sorry vegetarians)

I remember when the “Web” first started, and all we had was a browser that displayed text. Of course, if you’re full of imagination, you might enjoy reading about how beautifully the dinner plate was presented and how everything looked as if they were cooked to perfection. And with a little bit of imagination, you started to get a little hungry, and wished you were eating what you were reading about.

Not me. One, I hate reading (sorry Mom and Dad! (who were both literature teachers)). I’d rather spend 2 hours watching a movie than spend 20 hours reading a book. Two, we’re living in the age of sensory overload. Don’t tell me about it, just show me.

Not that I ever ordered anything from Allen Brothers, but if you can honestly tell me that these pictures don’t make your mouth water (unless you’re a vegetarian), I will gladly delete this post. A picture tells a thousand words, especially when you’re trying to sell something. Seeing is believing. Spend some major dollars on product shots, location shots, even your family and press photos. They will make a world of difference in how the rest of the world perceives your business.


Photography, sometimes for the same product, dictates where I make the final purchase for that product. Yes, it is THAT important.


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Calgary Photographer
@ May 23, 2012 at 6:36 AM
Photography is a wide area. It includes Portrait photography, aerial, adventure,artistic, black and white, Microscopic, nature, scenic, sports. I agree that a picture tells a thousand words but only for those person whose having art of viewing.

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