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February 25, 2016 | Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Fulfillment/Shipping | Jena Domingue

How post-delivery surveys help your winery business

Even the most excellent winery has difficulty controlling all aspects of the consumer experience. Vintners obviously take the greatest pride in developing their wines, and they showcase them with warmth and passion. Tasting room visitors receive the utmost care, and those who wine online employ every e-commerce tip available.

However, wineries have less knowledge of the experience after shipping. Just because a consumer successfully places an order doesn't mean the interaction is over. You want the person  to continue buying your wine, so post-delivery feedback is absolutely essential to keeping shoppers happy and coming back. This gives them a chance to reflect on the entire affair, from sampling to purchasing to personal enjoyment.

How to request comments
Industry Week noted businesses need to go beyond standard methods and ask customers for feedback directly. Providing an online survey, customer service phone number or comment card are all great steps to request opinions, but wineries need to put these items right in their visitor's hands. If they wait for the customer to speak, any results they get are most likely skewed. After all, most people don't speak up unless they're dissatisfied. Happy customers rarely feel the need to let businesses know how effective they are, but angry ones want to shout their displeasure from the rooftops. So, if your winery relies on consumer-initiated evaluations, consider trying something new.

The website also warned wineries not to wait too long before requesting a customer's thoughts. Memories fade fast - wait until the week after delivery, and your new customer has probably forgotten the whole experience. Industry Week suggested contacting consumers within an hour of delivery if possible. If not, you or your staff should try to do so within 24 hours.

Early communication also lets your customer service team identify and solve any issues before they get out of hand. According to a report by Harris Interactive, consumers are willing to pay more for a better experience - 25 percent more, in fact. Meanwhile, 36 percent of those surveyed said their favorite brands provide personalized attention. This includes initiating updates and - you guessed it - asking for their opinions. Whether you contact shoppers by phone or email, be sure to reference their past purchases and any relevant services you offer.

By requesting feedback after delivery, one understands the entire customer experience that much more. It can be hard to see inside another person's head, but post-delivery surveys provide a peek as to what your consumers think once they've received a bottle of your wine for themselves.



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