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December 26, 2013 | eCommerce , Merchandising | Sheri Hebbeln

Get Your Shopping Cart Under Control for Better Online Wine Sales

There are plenty of things to consider when you sell wine online. Designing a high-quality Web experience for shoppers that is a pleasant alternative to the tasting room can be a challenge, and one aspect that should never be overlooked is the shopping cart because this can make or break the e-commerce experience.

The majority of online shoppers only place an item in their carts when they intend to purchase it, according to research from Sociomantic. However, window shopping does exist online. Nearly one-fifth of consumers pick items and leave them there to serve as reminders for things they would like to buy later. Also, some shoppers may be more discerning than others. Eleven percent of consumers said they abandon shopping carts more often than they purchase. Some people even accumulate items in their carts over a long period of time until they can get a deal for purchases.

When you're trying to improve your online wine store, knowing how customers interact with it is key. Many people shop with purpose, with 41 percent of respondents saying they visit a particular site with a specific product in mind, place the item in the cart and check out. However, some shoppers will browse around to find the best deal on the products they want rather than maintaining loyalty to a certain online retailer.

Shopping carts have defined e-commerce behavior
In a traditional shopping environment - like a grocery store - people aren't going to stick a bunch of items in their carts and leave with one at the checkout counter or ask the cashier to save the rest of the goods for a later time. But e-commerce has allowed people to essentially bookmark products and then make a final decision at the end, Business 2 Community said. Most online shoppers have engaged in this behavior to some degree, whether they make e-commerce purchases regularly or only occasionally. 
The majority of people would not do this in a brick-and-mortar retail environment, but online shopping provides a degree of anonymity.

It seems that many online shoppers use the shopping cart as a visual representation of their decision-making process rather than for its intended purpose. Some online stores may see abandonment rates as high as 80 percent for all transactions, the source stated.

Tactics to reduce shopping cart abandonment
These rates can be highly frustrating for wineries that are looking to maximize their online revenue. Depending on the varietals shoppers select, the total can be significant, which may be why some abandon whole carts or the majority of the items. The following tips can help you reduce cart abandonment for a more effective e-commerce store:

1. Give customers the choice to opt in for reminder emails
Many e-commerce vendors send emails to tell shoppers there are still un-purchased items in the cart, but too many reminders can be annoying. Most people don't expect to hear anything after they've left a website, which is why giving them the option can be more effective since it isn't intrusive.

2. Create a one-page checkout and reduce distractions
If customers have to jump through hoops across multiple pages to buy one bottle of wine, it's highly likely they will go somewhere else rather than complete the purchase. This strategic move can prevent shoppers from getting distracted halfway through entering all the necessary information. You should only require data that is essential to processing the transaction so customers don't get annoyed and maybe ask for an email address so you can stay in touch. 

3. Create a wish list page
Instead of coping with the annoyance of customers filling their carts only to buy one bottle of Chardonnay; you can design an additional page for customers to easily compare products.


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