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May 4, 2007 | Demand Generation | WineDirect Admin

Generating new sales channels for our wineries

I’m sure you’d all agree there is no such thing as “too many customers”, especially if they’re buying your wine on a regular basis or joining your wine club! The challenge for many of you, and we’ve heard you loud and clear, is that you’re looking for new ways to acquire them beyond the usual methods.

As an account manager trying to help you find ways to build your customer base, and as a former strategic alliances manager at PeopleSoft, I find the world of partnerships fascinating. It’s a delicate dance to bring two different companies together, to agree on a common goal, and to execute on that goal to ensure a seamless and successful experience for our winery clients who choose to participate in the business development programs we build.

We take this responsibility, of finding the right business development opportunities for our winery customers, very seriously. We understand that some of you prefer business development partnerships that are actively promoting your wine through email to qualified wine buyers, and others would prefer a more subtle approach - business development opportunities where potential customers visit a site where they can review ratings, learn more about your wines and then make a purchase. And I’m sure there are those of you that are looking for a completely “outside the box” approach, the crazier the better, as long as it helps sell your wine! Know that we at Inertia are “scouring the globe” to find the right partnerships, and build the right business development opportunities to help you build your customer base.

We’re in active discussions with a number of different companies, many with interesting ideas that will provide a great variety of programs for you to participate in. We’re excited about the types of programs we’ll be able to offer you, and certainly welcome your feedback.

If any of you have any specific feedback or ideas for us, or have heard of some cool companies out there you’d like us to talk to, send me an email (liz@inertiabev.com). We’re always looking for ways to serve you better, helping you build your customer base and your direct sales!


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